5. Session - Communication and interpersonal skills for technica | Basel

5. Session - Communication and interpersonal skills for technica

Was wird geboten?

We believe in the power of communication, but we know that is not an easy topic, together with Joy Corporate we are selecting the best coaches for this one year workshop series. We are opening this workshop for non-Adobe people as well.
Our intro on 19th July 2018, works as a preparation for the series that will begin in September this 2018 and goes until July 2019. All Workshops will be hosted in our office. You can choose to do all or pick the one that suits better to you.
Session details: Although engineers and technical staff often have excellent skills, they sometimes struggle to perform confidently, keep the strings in their hands, and convince others. Strong interpersonal skills create more satisfying interactions in all areas. Developing interpersonal skills involves building strong relationships.


18:00 Uhr, Mittwoch, 13. Februar 2019


Adobe Switzerland
Barfüsserplatz 6 4051 Basel Switzerland

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Adobe Switzerland, Basel

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