Anne Stokes at Fantasy Basel - The Swiss Comic Con | Basel

Anne Stokes at Fantasy Basel - The Swiss Comic Con

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I'm pleased to have been invited as a guest at Fantasy Basel - The Swiss Comic Con. I will have a stand exhibiting my art in the artist's alley and I'll be doing a panel interview at the show. We will also have various prints and products for sale, and I'm happy to take photo with people and sign anything with my art on.
"The Swiss Comic Con is the largest convention in Switzerland and one of the most beautiful in Europe. With over 60'000 m2 and a unique program, it is also considered by visitors from distant galaxies as one of the most beautiful con's of the universe. Creative doers and fans celebrate the fascination of creativity and fantasy together in a real and imaginary world for three days! Dive into the world of cinema films, TV shows, games, eSports, comics, cosplay, walking acts, contemporary urban art, game design, anime, exhibitions, film props, artist alley, sci-fi, fantasy, virtual reality, stars, photo & autograph area, panels, shows, movie cars, merchandise, manga, steampunk, You Tubers, graphic design, board games, tabletop games, latest consumer electronics and more! "
You can see more info on the show on their Facebook page and web site . The times shown on my event post here are the times I'll be there, rather than the full opening times of the show.


19:00 Uhr, Freitag, 03. Mai 2019


Basel, Switzerland
Maulbeerstrasse 16 4058 Basel Switzerland

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Anne Stokes, Basel

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