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Native healer in geneva +27749239444/ basel/ lausanne/ bern/

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CALL DR .ADAM +27749239444
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Evil incense sticks and powders.
Business booster water.
Holy Ruq and islamic spiritual purification.
For Relationship and Love Advice
Spiritual/Native Healing
Marriage Advice
Divorce Advice
Do you feel you have no future?
Have you lost the zeal for life?
Do you feel like you are losing it?
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Do you seek love, friendship, want a past lover to return or a present lover to commit?
Do you seek success, power, fulfillment, happiness at home or at work?
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Do you seek revenge, retribution, want to even the score?
Do you seek the opposite sex and make you very appealing to them?
Do you want To control a person and have them do your bidding?
Do you seek To rid a person from your life. Exorcise them forever?
Do you seek To split a relationship, cause dissension, trouble?
Do you seek To bring you wisdom, intelligence, and common sense?

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16:00 Uhr, Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2022


Geneva, Switzerland
Rue de la Poste 1 1009 Pully Switzerland

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Traditional Healer.+27749239444, Pully

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