5-Day Startup Training in Business Growth for Engineers | Lausanne

5-Day Startup Training in Business Growth for Engineers

Was wird geboten?

Is your startup ready to grow and reach new markets? Our mission-based Business Growth Training for engineers will help you get there. Thanks to the 15 experts involved in this course, you will learn and work with the most essential tools to scale up your business.
Apply here: http://bit.ly/Engineering_M4
5 days to learn the following:
- Build a performing marketing strategy
- Generate leads and drive more sales
- Operate your startup professionally
- Grow leadership and management
- Pitch and secure funding for growth
This training is free of charge, as long as your project is in line, and you don't miss any day of training!
Please register here: http://bit.ly/Engineering_M4 and wait for our confirmation of enrollment.


09:00 Uhr, Donnerstag, 01. November 2018


Gotham Coworking (Lausanne Gare)
Avenue d'Ouchy 4 1006 Lausanne Switzerland

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