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TEDxLausanne 2018

Was wird geboten?

For more than 50,000 years, Homo Sapiens ruled the world. “Wise man” dominated thanks to the ability to cooperate and communicate effectively in big groups. We were able to build cities, write books, create incredible technology. We solved many important challenges that have been facing us.

As the pace of human evolution continues to accelerate, we can’t help but wonder: What will our lives be like at the end of this century?

Join us on 7 May 2018 at Casino de Montbenon for TEDxLausanne: Homo Futuris where we will attempt to find answers.


13:00 Uhr, Montag, 07. Mai 2018


Casino de Montbenon
Allée Ernest-Ansermet 3
1003 Lausanne

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