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Blow Up @ St Moritz

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Blow Up continues its Friday residency in Soho at the legendary St Moritz Club with live guests EIGHT ROUNDS RAPID. EIGHT ROUNDS RAPIDFour piece from southeast Essex whose debut album received acclaim from the likes of Mojo and Uncut, with comparisons made to Television and Wire. The band have released their second album Objet D'art in March, 2017. Tom Robinson was first to provide the band with airplay on his Introducing Mixtape, followed by Gaz Crowley, Radcliffe & Maconie on BBC6, and then Mark Radcliffe's music club on BBC radio basement club is one of the last 'original' venues in the West End, virtually unchanged since the 60s, and Blow Up kicked off it's new Friday night residency here in 2015. Expect to hear classic tracks from both Blow Up's past and present: from Brit Pop era favourites (the scene which the club helped kick-start way back in 1993 in Camden Town) to the current new Pop & indie stylists putting the art back into pop colliding with 60's Soul, Beat, Garage, Funk, Ska, Swinging Soundtracks, Hammond Heavy Jazz, Easy Listening & Ye-Ye! Brit Pop, Glam & Post Punk / New Wave will all be present and correct.


23:00 Uhr, Freitag, 29. September 2017


Engadin St. Moritz Ultraks
7504 Pontresina

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