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14.03.19 | Eduardo Machado Trio
Every rhythm has it’s space on the electric bass soul.
Considered by the specialized critic as one of the great names of the Brazilian electric bass of the present time, Eduardo expresses in his bass with dexterity and versatility, characteristics preserved in his 30 years professional in the area.
If you stop to think about music what gives the name to a chord is it’s tonic note, the bass note. The bass frequency
comforts, embraces, involves, pulses and helps to feel the music in all it’s essence. The electric bass sharpens the
listener senses.
The bass player Eduardo Machado portrays today’s brazilian music. With chords, drumbeats and sound effects on a
dynamic and melodic mood. Frevo, samba, baião, choro, bossa nova.
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20:00 Uhr, Donnerstag, 14. März 2019


Barrio 5
LimmatStrasse 195 8005 Zürich Switzerland

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Barrio 5, Zürich

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